Job Applications

How to write a job application

This section has a lot of information, tips and links to help you to prepare your job application and to find a job.

What employers want:

In this video the people from ‘Youth Central‘ talk to employers, job seekers and training providers to find out what employers are looking for. You can get some ideas on the kind of work experience employers are interested in, the type of skills you need to develop and what will make you stand out from other job applicants.

Info pack

Print or download a What Employers Want Checklist for some info and tips on how you can develop the character traits and skills that employers are looking for.

» Youth Central – What Employers Want (PDF, 616kb)

» Youth-Central-What-Employers-Want (RTF 38kb)

The video and the info package has been developed by ‘Youth Central‘! All the information on Youth Central has been designed to help you put together the best job application possible, so we suggest you should check it out!